Science is great, but nature is better? According to trends in purchasing decisions, yes. The prevalence of Paleo diets, organic fruits and vegetables, natural stamps on food, and growing strip malls with Whole Foods substantiate claims that humans are swinging towards naturalistic solutions over heavily processed contraptions. This includes fitness pursuits.

Due to the questionable nature of using anabolic steroids, many bodybuilders and athletes pursue natural alternatives. Consuming steroids for bodybuilding can be shockingly dangerous, with potentially life-threatening side effects caused – not to mention the legal ramifications in the eyes of the law!

Luckily, natural steroid alternatives are booming in popularity and provide effects akin to steroids for men and for women. So, if you’d like to learn more about enhancing your workout or bodybuilding process using all natural methods, keep reading!

Is There a Natural Steroid?

Before progressing further, the alternatives we’ll be discussing only apply to anabolic steroids, and are not to be confused with corticosteroids. These are prescribed for the treatment of multiple conditions, including asthma, eczema, multiple sclerosis (MS), Chron’s disease and for inflammation too.

In terms of the synthetic anabolic steroids, there’s no such thing as a definitive natural steroid. Instead, we have multiple steroid alternatives, many of which are natural not synthetically composed.

Which of the Following Misconceptions is True About Natural Steroids?

With natural anabolic substances, there are plenty of myths surrounding them. The most frequent following misconception is simply not true about natural steroids, and it’s important to ensure you’re as knowledgeable as possible.

The most prevalent myth surrounding natural options is that they don’t work! The bare facts are anabolic steroids powerfully elicit such staggering muscle growth because they’re synthetically created to replicate hormones like testosterone. Yes, quick gain of muscle is speedy for steroid users, but it’s also profoundly dangerous. Natural methods might not generate results as rapidly, but saying they are incapable of working is false.

Natural Steroid Alternatives

There’s a wide variety of natural steroid alternatives. From foods to capsules, there’s a vast arrangement of products on the market. However, before administering anything to your body, check for potential allergies and measure the correct amounts.

Natural Steroids for Muscle Growth

How can you achieve bigger gains without feeling forced to use illegal methods? Whey protein is one of the best supplemental alternatives. Derived using a combination of proteins isolated from whey, this protein can be remarkably effective at constructing muscle safely. And as whey is a liquid by-product released during the process of making cheese, it is almost more of a food than supplement.

Other Natural Steroid Supplements

BCAAs (scientifically known as Branched Chain Amino Acids) are also considered a natural steroid supplement too. Taken to promote muscle growth and recovery, BCAAs can be easily consumed in drink-form during workouts for continuous stimulation.

However, if all-natural methods are what you’re looking to achieve, it’s essential you opt for BCAAs that specifically state they’re natural on the packaging. This means they’ve been created solely using natural botanicals, and won’t contain other harmful substances.

Natural Steroid Pills

The earlier discussed whey protein and BCAAs are delivered in powder form. This makes them effortlessly simple to be mixed into drinks and shakes, and are available in a wide variety of flavors too. This not only provides convenience, but a pleasant taste for enjoyment.

But if you want to eliminate the time needed to drink these beverages, online stores provide both supplements as natural steroid pills, condensed into capsule form.

Natural Steroids in Food

If you’re keen to explore steroidal benefits elsewhere in your diet, there’s a variety of surprising natural steroids in food. Foods including avocados, figs, eggs, quinoa, and celery have all been found to contain natural testosterone boosters.

Typically high in plant-based steroids including phytoecdysteroids, androstanol and androstenone, spinach and celery in particular can help enhance male testosterone production for better muscle growth. There’s a reason Popeye lived on spinach after all!

Overall Conclusions of Natural Bodybuilding vs Steroids

Taking everything into account, it’s a no-brainer that natural bodybuilding the superior option regardless of gym experience. Whilst offering multiple arguments for and against steroids vs natural body methods, your overall wellbeing as well as both physical and psychological health is most at stake, with natural options being the safest choice.

Whilst anabolic steroids can provide impressive muscle growth at superbly fast rates and help increase overall performance, is it really worth it? Illegal across many territories and littered with potentially dangerous side effects, opting for natural routes is guaranteed to be better for your body and mind in the long-run.