Lesser known testosterone alternatives

There is a wide selection of conditions and disorders that will leave you lacking testosterone. Most are aware of pills and injections, but there are numerous treatment options available. depending on your personal life, these may match you better. They’re bioidentical to the other treatments, just adopt a different approach in delivery. More comfortable application and confidence in your treatment plan is an important aspect of recovery.

Novel methods offer exciting options for patients struggling to discover a cure. Those with surgical anxiety or phobias may find solace in these alternatives. They allow for more control from the patient’s side or more freedom to live without treatment interference.

These are FDA approved, ensuring American quality! The following is a compiled list of some less popular treatment options you may not know about.

What is a testosterone gel

Androgel is one of the more famous testosterone gels. These liquid applications are sold in packets or pumps. You squeeze the desired amount onto your body, allow it to dry, then cover with clothes. The best place to apply it would be the shoulders or back. Use it as your doctor instructs. If you are nervous over your talents estimating dosages, the packet option comes pre-measured.

What are testosterone pellets

Testosterone pellets almost look like those beans in beany babies. They are a crystalized testosterone that is about the size of a grain of rice. Using a tool called a trocar, doctors safety implant them under the skin where they are able to deliver a low and steady dose of testosterone for up to six months. They are typically implanted near the hips or butt. The whole procedure is one short doctor’s visit and only requires a local anesthetic. The convenience requires no need for weekly visits. In a 2014 study, 70% of those who chose the implantation method reported satisfaction.

What is a testosterone cream

A testosterone cream, like testim, resembles normal lotion.It comes in a tube you can squirt what you want out of. The topical treatment allows for more control if you have to change your dose. alternatively, you need to purchase a whole new set. These are very comparable to gels. compounded testosterone cream is an effective alternative when other gels and creams render ineffective.

What is a testosterone patch

Testosterone patches offer another transdermal method to passively transmit testosterone throughout the body. It sticks to your body like a sticker and administers testosterone through your skin over the course of wear. You should change the patch every 24 hours. Put on a new location every day. Arms, abdomen, or thighs after cleaning are ideal. Don’t use in combination with other products for maximum absorption.

Unusual side effects?

As these products do have a different form of application, you run the risk of some skin-specific effects. This rash or irritation may be done to the application or ingredients of the application (i.e. something used in the creation of the adhesive or ointment). All other side effected that may be expected are those pertaining to the use of testosterone in a treatment. These are things like acne, hair growth , weight fluctuations, or deepening of the voice. More serious risks involve heart attacks, respiratory issues, or stroke. Discuss your options with your doctor and only use these products under professional recommendation and prescription.

How to choose

WIth this selection at your disposal, it might overwhelm you to figure out your decision. key things to keep in mind when settling on a treatment are:

  • Look at the top reviewed items available for sale. How do unbiased customers rate them. Do their lifestyles compare to yours? Do these reviews appear legit?
  • Where to apply? Have injuries to limbs or are susceptible to rashes?
  • Are you able to afford the generic cost? insurance tends to cover a lot of these alternative treatments, but not all of them. elect a treatment you can buy if it’s not covered.
  • Do you qualify for them? In America, the only synthetic testosterone treatments you can get with no prescription are illegal.
  • Why do you take testosterone? The reason behind you taking it may impact what treatment you should use. For example, hormone therapy for women and men differ because of natural thresholds. Certain products may favor particular low doses.

If you ever have any questions regarding how or to apply your medication, contact a medical professional to assist you.