It’s natural for bodybuilders and athletes to strive for greatness, so supplements that enhance performance are one place to turn. Here we’ll discuss the ins and outs of the popular compound, Turinabol—what Turinabol is, how to use it safely, where to purchase it, and more.

What Is Turinabol?

Turinabol is the name brand of anabolic androgenic steroid, chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, an effective prohormone alternative. You may hear other juicers call it CDMT for short (or its more popular brand name), as that 31-letter word is quite a mouthful.

Turinabol is derived from metandienone, which is not so popularly circulated in the world of steroids any longer. The drug in question debuted in the early sixties when German pharmaceutical company, Jenapharm based in Jena, Eastern Germany, registered their patent on the supplement. It was Albert Stachowiak, a talented pharmacologist, who decided to merge clostebol, another powerful synthetic drug, with metandienone, which was considered a scientific breakthrough in the industry at the time.

The compound serves no medical purpose whatsoever, it does, however, appeal to those in the bodybuilding community who are after serious gains by improving strength, endurance, and muscle recovery, to name a few of its numerous athletic benefits.

By effectively binding itself to SHBG, or the sex hormone binding globulin, Turinabol, also known as TBOL, enables testosterone to flow about the bloodstream freely. In turn, with exaggerated amounts of testosterone in the body at work, muscles build more effectively and quickly.

Turinabol Steroid Cycle

The typical Turinabol steroid cycle involves a stack—even for beginners. The best Turinabol results are achieved by stacking it along with other substances.

Regardless of which other steroids you choose to stack with, the standard cycle is between six and 12 weeks. Here we’ll explore the details of a novice dosing schedule, assuming the rest of you experienced hotshots are familiar with the most appropriate course of steroids for your desired Turinabol results.

Beginner Turinabol Dosage Recommendations for Men

When trying any new substance for the first time, it’s generally recommended to err on the side of caution and dip in slowly. Give your system enough leeway to acclimate to the drug and closely examine the effects.

Oral Turinabol Dosing

The more modest approach to an Oral Turinabol dosage cycle starts at just a daily 10mg dose. On the lower end of the spectrum that could reach over 40mg per day, you can expect a mere boost in performance, with outstanding recovery time. This way, you’ll recover hastily and can hit the weight room again much sooner than previously anticipated without the help of Oral Turinabol.

The aforementioned cyclic recommendations range from six to 12 weeks, but some experts suggest halting an oral cycle at eight weeks due to the hepatic strain that may be endured. The cycle can be prolonged by switching to an injectable version instead, or after.

Possible Turinabol Side Effects

When undertaking a new course of steroids, one should always be prepared for adverse outcomes. While they’re not guaranteed, it’s good practice to fully understand what you may be getting yourself into. Some of the Turinabol side effects are rather unpleasant, so we’ll just dive straight into the nitty-gritty.

Turinabol elevates levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. The results? Some very confused hair growth. The follicles atop your head may go on strike while those on your back decide to become incredibly enthusiastic and productive about their ability to produce fur. Hair loss is not an uncommon side effect of steroid use.

Many men are most concerned with the state of their libido and where it will stand post-Turinabol. Unfortunately, the male anatomy will struggle to naturally produce testosterone while on Turinabol and will continue to have difficulties even several months after cessation, regardless of how long it stays in the system. Lowered testosterone is directly linked to loss of sexual appetite, impotence, and even penile diminution.

Furthermore, earlier we mentioned hepatic strain, and here’s why. It’s considered hepatotoxic, or poisonous to the liver. The toxins produced by the liver’s enzymes while on Turinabol can leave irreversible damage behind.

Turinabol Before and After Results

Reviews from digital bodybuilding forums are rife with juicers who swear by Turinabol. Muscle heads claim that Turinabol before and after outcomes prove it efficacious for both cutting an bulking. Specific Turinabol results may still vary among individuals, but it’s been popular for half a century on reasonable grounds—it works, simply put.

Buy Turinabol Online

In 2019, Turinabol’s legal status remains unchanged—it’s illegal. Major pharmaceutical companies aren’t producing it, and it’s hardly a cinch to secure legit pills.

Fortunately for you, it’s still possible to buy Turinabol online and have it shipped across international borders. Reputable retailers such as [**********] that have Turinabol for sale will fulfill your order safely while still offering a competitive price.

Despite its illicit status across the United States, athletes and bodybuilders can still find an impervious route to their preferred performance enhancer—in this case, Turinabol.